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Kevin Yeh

I am a student and developer from New York City

studying Computer Science at the University of Texas at Austin.

"How do I love thee? Let me count the ways,

that I may dissect thy resume."

I am a New York native, Austin developer, and Stuyvesant H.S. Alumnus studying at the University of Texas at Austin. I've recently worked for Amazon AWS on their distributed RDS and DynamoDB technologies, and for local austin company Blastro Networks, developing and orchestrating a simultaneous release of their three flagship Android apps.

I'm an Android developer with hacker experience in Java, Node.js, and postgreSQL. I've also done Systems work in C, Graphics work and research in C++ and OpenGL, and an assortment of scripting and web development work in Perl, Ruby, and Rails.

If you'd like to gossip with me about Android development, Computer graphics, or that one movie where Audrey Hepburn plays a blind woman, contact me at kevinyeah@utexas.edu.

Visit github:kyeah for an in-depth look at my recent and ongoing projects.
"In the Spring of 2013, I took a research course on Computational Intelligence in Games as part of the Freshman Research Initiative program at UT. Recently, I was invited back by the professor to present as a guest speaker, showing off a project my partner and I started in the advanced course and have continued developing over the last few months. I say invited, because I ended up in class on the other side of campus while my partner presented to a room full of young, impressionable college freshmen. Nevertheless, the reception of our research was reportedly positive, and the first-year students were eager to ask questions about our motivations..." Read more